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10 ways to cut down on fat every day

Try these small changes to your cooking and eating habits – they could make a big difference to your heart health

1. Stop frying your food – grill, poach, steam, boil, bake or microwave – or dry-fry.

2. Use non-stick pans so you need very little oil. Measure it with a spoon rather than pouring freely from the bottle, or use a spray oil.

3. Replace biscuits, cakes and chocolate with dried or fresh fruit, and swap crisps for low-fat dips with crudités.

4. Choose lean cuts of meat and skinless chicken, and cut off any visible fat before cooking.
Avoid fatty meat products such as sausages, burgers, pepperoni, salami and pies.

5. Roast meat on a rack so the fat drips into the tray below – then drain and discard the fat before using the meat juices to make gravy.

6. Skim fat from the surface of casseroles and stews.

7. Use less butter or margarine on toast and in sandwiches, or switch to a low-fat spread – but whatever you use, get into the habit of spreading it thinly.

8. Opt for reduced-fat dairy products such as semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, reduced-fat cheese and
fat-free yogurt.

9. Serve puddings with low-fat yogurt or fromage frais instead of cream or ice cream (natural yogurt is a good substitute when a soup or sauce recipe calls for cream or crème fraîche).

10. Use fat-free or low-fat dressings rather than French dressing or mayo – try a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.