By M Rahman

8 Flavourful Ways to Use Leftover Bacon Fat

Don’t throw the flavour out with the bacon grease. Swimming in all that leftover bacon bit-infused fat is a world of salty, porky goodness you can coax a ton of flavour from. Here are eight ways to use your excess bacon fat in everything from salad to popcorn and even cookies.

888_Insanity Burger

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Jamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger The trick to getting an out-of-this world flavourful burger is to toast the buns Jamie Oliver-style in bacon fat, until lightly golden and ever so crispy.

888_Maple Bacon Popcorn

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Rachael Ray’s Maple Bacon Popcorn Stovetop popcorn drizzled in bacon fat, topped with bacon bits and sprinkled with a salty and sweet maple sugar? Um, yes please.


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Curtis Stone’s Peas with Bacon and Mint Green beans are quick-cooked in bacon grease with sauteed shallots just long enough so they are tender and bright green, giving them a decadent, salty note without adding any extra salt.


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Bacon Fat Cornbread This savoury skillet cornbread is loaded with crumbled bacon, cheese, fresh corn, green onions and chili flakes, while a splash of bacon fat added to the batter amps up the flavor and helps keep it moist.

888_bacon-roasted-potatoesChuck Hughes’ Bacon Roasted Potatoes
Fingerling potatoes are slow roasted in bacon fat with sea salt, black pepper and sprigs of fresh rosemary for a killer side no matter the occasion.


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The Pioneer Woman’s Spinach Salad
Who says spinach salad has to be boring? This drool-worthy recipe calls for a trifecta of crumbled bacon, warm bacon dressing, and onions and mushrooms that have been sauteed in bacon grease.

888_country-style-omeletteRicardo Larrivée’s Country-Style Omelette
Leftover bacon grease is poured into a hot cast iron skillet and then filled with an egg mixture to create the most golden, puffy and flavourful omelette..


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Bacon Fat Gingersnaps Need an unexpected reason to hoard your leftover bacon fat? Try these bacon-infused gingersnaps with a smoky-salty undertone to offset the sweetness that sets them apart from your average cookie.